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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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fund four major categories of expenditures and i think you be receiving a more detailed presentation in two weeks when the bond comes back to you for approval. first low income affordable housing $100 million -- in that category. $50 million for affordable housing in the mission, $80 million for public housing, particularly, our efforts to rebuild the most distressed public housing to our hope sf program an additional $89 for middle income affordable housing programs. in addition to those funds, as you party mention, the budget they'll be before you will include an additional $25 million borrowing from the housing trust fund as we done
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historically with the redevelopment agency,. together those two investments will provide $335 million in new funds for affordable housing production in san francisco. within the next two years. >> thank you ms. howard. supervisor avalos >> thank you. i just want to thank the mayor's office for sharing with us this recent news. i would work with the mayors office over the past months trying to see if we could we have a large amount of the bond that could really meet somatic needs that people have people who are facing the need for affordable housing. we just had a demonstration here in our chambers, not a demonstration by people you're coming here for public comment that lasted 7.5 min. people from the mission district who are facing dramatic changes displacement, and decertification, i think the
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response to actually grow the bond is the right way to go. so i do appreciate working with my colleagues to push for a larger bond. i want to thank supervisor eric mar and compost for pushing for a larger size that we originally come forward with a $500 billion housing bond and really, that was to show that we had dramatic amounts of need to address and we needed to have something of a larger size to try and fill the holes that are being created in our housing city but we knew we have to come down from that. we knew that we had to find a pathway that we can all agree on in city hall and i think we've done that. so, i do appreciate the mayor's office to work with the controller and my office to first increase the size of the bond of from 250 to 300. and then last night find
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better rates for interest rates, for bond issuance that we can actually raise it even another $10 million. i do appreciate that. i've been told that the additional 25 million is for the second year. is that correct ms. howard? >> that is correct. >> that is christ. so we'll be looking at a $25 million being available in the second year, but i am hoping that knowing that 25 million will be around in the second year that moh can anticipate how they might be able to free up money for more immediate needs that -- if they were able to do that for the current year. so they'll be a desire i like to see. eventually happen. i would also -- i'm ready to call for tabling the bond that i've authored it to cosponsor the mayors bond,
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especially as major golf that we been able to work out a basic framework for how funds would be spent. the framework that ms. howard has just addressed. but i do want to make sure is that this framework is something that we actually follow as a city, that is not just things they'll be like general guidelines come about within a make a real effort to fulfill what is here in terms of the 100 million affordable housing, 50 for the mission, 84 public housing, and 84 middle income housing. i do know that i probably would've wanted to have a higher amount from other categories, but this is something that when negotiating amongst all our different districts and different offices, so i had her stand am not going to get everything i want. people in
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san francisco are not get everything we want, but this a really good start to really appreciate the higher bond. i'm been a motion to check emotion among the committee but i would accept a motion to table the item number two. and then i would be supportive of the mayors bond at a larger size under the framework that's been provided by ms. howard. >> thank you supervisor i listed i do i think you for your leadership on this issue but it's been because of your advocacy we are where we are so thank you for that. i definitely want to knowledge that. so, colleagues, with some other comments and if we could do that first up, if we would mind -- i do think it's important to notice despite his budget process, with anticipated in his budget not only here in the committee but
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at the full board is that in connection with the affordable housing funds as ms. howard outline, not only affordable housing bond with our budget process, that every member of the board of supervisors is agreed to cosponsor item number one and is now three and $10 million affordable housing for this november. i will say, i think there's a strong's sentiment outside of city hall but i think we need to continue to press its good to call our collective efforts to get that past is about in november. supervisor avalos >> i forget to mention as you pointed out there's an amendment in the mayors bond around making sure that our local hiring ordinance applies here. that something i found the want to make sure that it gets spelled out. when i does the mention other than the local hire program i know so little oversight because mayor ed lee has been very supportive of our local hire programs and city builder programs. it was
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very easy to make sure we get this language moving through in the right way. so, i will supportive of that amendment as well. that's on the mayors bond >> thank you supervisor i was bit with that and i take a motion to table item number two? >> so moved >> we can do that without objection gallo >> item number one supervisor came >> thank you very much and thank you supervisor avalos for your comments in helping us move to some sort of middle ground that all this could agree on. i really saw this punisher as just one component of many in terms of addressing housing needs in san francisco. so although i've been interest in colleagues making this a much larger bond measure amount, in my mind, i do not see this is the only bond measure for house. i really see is trying to do this in the future including in our capital planning cycle as well. so, knowing that her city $1.2
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billion were doing that for the next five years for affordable housing, 1.7 million the next 10 years and 2.8 billion in the next 20 years on affordable housing, this was a piece that i thought very passionate about supporting a cosponsor because of the piece regarding middle income families. including 80 million for middle income which includes programs such as expanding the down payment loan assistance program at supporting our teachers, which is incredibly important for many of them who've told us that say you have one or two teachers and our families can i qualify for programs out there. that is incredible. i wish we do more middle-income housing i do appreciate in trying to pursue include a segment on this. here with a bond measure
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so i'm better able to take a compromise where we can all agree for november so i take think the mayors office of housing follow-up on this as well. >> supervisor winner >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to thank everyone who made this country mice have supervisor avalos, thank you for -- i think it's great wouldn't be doing this. it's one of the larger bonds that we've done. the municipal bond and sf general fund were larger that i can recall. so i think it shows the level of commitment that we have to make sure we're providing housing for all income levels. i support this. i do want to note something though. in terms of the
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portable housing they were creating in san francisco, geographically, it is highly highly inequitable. we have a few areas that have a lot of affordable housing and there are some significant historic reasons why that is the case. i think it was a time when a lot of people do not want to affordable housing in their neighborhood and you hear more opposition and more more today in san francisco, people not everyone -- me more people than there used to be one of affordable housing in their community. i know my district, there is an absolute yearning for more affordable housing. we have large swaths of the city with little or no affordable housing being created. in particularly, as we afford and legislation giving it 25 or 30% preference, two people who live in certain geographic areas as defined as living in the -- district that really can
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exacerbate situation make it even harder for people who have to living in areas of the city that don't have much affordable housing being built. in my district, district 8, the bulk of the afford housing we have is no formal public housing. which does not even included in the 25-30% geographic preference. so we had an overdue first-ever real conversation about equity. in terms of affordable housing. i am glad that were making an investment in land acquisition in the mission. the mission absolutely needs more affordable housing. i support that. the mission is not the only neighborhood that needs more affordable housing and wants more affordable housing. for that geographic preference legislation, i'm currently a cosponsor. if these issues are not addressed, beyond lip service, a lot of lip service
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around items -- affordable housing and more parts of the city, i'll remove my name from the legislation and i won't support it. so, we have to have a conversation needs to happen now. this bond is so important because we have to expand the overall pool we can invest only to be strategic and equitable on how are actually investing it >> supervisor emac >> thank you chairman farrell. i want to thank all those that are working on this particular bond in which we all do support. i probably was one of the last holdouts in seeing that i would want to support this particular bond. it wasn't that i wasn't supportive of a bond, but when it was first presented, i wanted to continue discussions around a few issues. i know the bond was important, but i felt
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like the 250 at the time and we need to look at as much as possible to increase it as much as possible. without increasing tax. those were my bottom line. i think the situation in separate cisco is dire and anything we can do to push it to it a -- is something i wanted to support. i think i want to thank supervisor avalos and really helping to push that discussionthis whole notion of family housing. a lot of times it's beginning to actually happen on its own out. i was a year ago, six months ago, people talk about family
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housing. the first thing people said, yes, two bedrooms. three veterans. they said well, no, that's not necessarily the definition of family house. you need it other things to make it a family unit. even though this bond will not necessarily bring a lot of tension a lot of tensioni think in terms of what is tried to do is trying to address the needs of all doors not all, but all the people that are low and middle income family to look at them housing as part of the discussion. right now, there's many people being pushed out of the city including many many families in the mid-and little income. we all know that. we know that single-family units that no rent control for instance, they're doubling the rents right now. so we need to do something about that. the third thing that i was hoping
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for, and brought up as a discussion, was really, how can we be creative with this bond in supporting an element that would support families, which is childcare facilities. again, there's really a lack of facilities currently and were thinking "this population by 200,000, or we can put these kids for childcare and so forth. i had that discussion. i was hoping to convince people that they be despondent could be used as a very creative way to help that because again you don't have childcare space. many families are going to read anyways. the nice thing about this is the mayor's office started engaging in this discussion. i thought, with with the 307 three 10 million that happen overnight, i thought that was part of the
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discussion and when i looked at the bond measure [inaudible] i'm really glad that were having a discussion in the mayor's office is taking this a step further than just having a staff talk to me about creative solutions to this. so i think with that said, in terms of my initial hesitation to say am fully behind it, like i said at this point i'm fully behind it. am fully behind it because not only some of the elements that was concerned about are included, but also because, as chairman fontenot was saying, it similar tied to a budget process and i'm glad bush was waiting to ensure that also those of their budget process before i would support this bond measure. i wanted to be a balanced budget. so, all that said, at this point i'm joining
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my other 10 colleagues insane that i really want to be a cosponsor of this bond measure. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor mar >> thank you. also announcing today i'm by this board unanimous board supporting this. i think because of the affordable housing groups we have a much better bond. it's moved significantly from 250 million now to 310 million. i think supervisor avalos lie along with supervisor campos supported much more money but i think this is good progress on this. i think it's still not enough toaddress the huge prices were facing especially among the working families and low income neighborhoods. and the sharp huge wealth gap is continuing to grow within our city is highly by national analysis and stories. i want to say that fred blackwell from the san francisco foundation and policy link on site are showing that it's not just citywide problem but a regional problem when we look at housing
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and transportation and other equity issues. so, my hope is that we build up our successful proposition c housing bonds and i think the majors advisor, jeff buckley, and his staff. to thank them for their hard work but i know we need to do much more. i also want to say i'm in agreement with supervisor yee to look more specifically at the size of units that working families have units that are big enough. i support workforce housing and middle income people to have parts of housing bonds, but i dislike when it's paired against housing that is for our most vulnerable and lowest income people. that's what i say we need much more. the last point i want to make is gauche and i probably sound like a broken record, gauche but i know is that baby boomers turning to seniors that were trying to do her best to be an aging friendly city i'm just wondering, what percentages,
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what kinds of housing are we doing within our bigger bonds that are really looking at seniors. but we've done the budget analyst reports and analysis on housing needs of seniors, and showing that the population is going to boom so it'll be one third of our city, people over 60 or 65. many of them aren't going to be largely low income. if there affected as i can be the kind of housing for them. so that's the challenge that up with our mayors office of housing. mayors advisors and others as being more specific route, units, but also our being in aging friendly city we have housing for seniors, aging day-to-day can say their communities as long as possible. i'll be supportive of this and i really appreciate supervisor otto sent campos's effort along with my two do our best to increase this and make sure we work with the mayor's office and others to ensure we were not affordable housing for evan. edwards
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>> thank you collies overthink for comments on this and again for the mayor's office for all his hard work. to get this item this commitment to affordable housing as reflected in the sponsored so, this point i would like to entertain a motion to set these amendments. and it also continued as i am to our next board of supervisors compliance meeting for july 8. at that point it does have to set will forward it as a committee report to the board for the following week to be voted on. >> i make a motion to accept the moments that happen stayed on the record earlier and that's continuing to the jar eight budget committee should motion by supervisor to weave a second by supervisor mar >> been exported supervisor meeting is scheduled for july 7. >> but this is moving forward to the budget and planning committee for july 8. >> thank you. >> the motion by supervised and with the second by supervisor mar we can do that without objection >>[gavel] >> thank you very much. i'm clerk and i want to a final
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budget items. personal, colleagues, we've item number one pending for weeks on here. widget updates from the mayors of us i think without enough of them at this point. so first will take public comment on item number one. seeing none, public comment is closed >>[gavel] >> a motion to table number one >> motion by supervisor mar and we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> at two items number two and three, first of all can have a motion to amend annual appropriation and annual salary ordinance to affect the committees members changes as indicated in the summary tab board of supervisors budget committee proposed amendments? moved and seconded. we can do that without objection >>[gavel] >> template one of the appropriation or insensitivity to committee members. moved and
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seconded. we can take that without objection. >>[gavel] >> a motion regarding the ms. howard, if you're welcome to speak to them or we have them the manager to distribute them as before. >> supervisor kate howard. two technical adjustments in front of you. one is entitled mayors technical adjustment number two. it's pretty technical addressing federal revenues and expenditures and grants awards a gourmet to the city. the second is the technical adjustment that supports the provides additional sources to both supports the amendment you're making to the budget today, including increasing the size of the city's budget by $8.8 million, incorporating additional to my dollars in fee revenue, based on the memos to the dbi legislation that you just made. appropriating the additional funds for affordable
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housing, and adjusting starting fund balance in order to balance the amendment that you're making. in addition, i would advise you that the balance of the mayors technical adjustment reserve, $4.79 is available for the committee for appropriation. >> thank you. we are using that as part of our budget that isaac ivo motion to accept the mayors technical adjustments as provided by the mages budget director? . we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> collies, now motion to approve items two and three. today's agenda as amended to approve the proposed annual appropriation and salary ordinances and authorize the controller to make adjustments necessary to implement the committees actions and bouncy counts them into four to the full board of supervisors for the july 14 meeting. move wicks move wicks we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> everyone thank you very much for all your hard work and
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